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Auto Screw Capping Machine - Model CM - 1000

Single Head Rotary Capping Machine that places and tightens the pre-threaded plastic caps on bottles of any shape and size. It works on the principle of intermittent rotary motion with Geneva mechanism and has facility for changing over to R.O.P.P. caps. Output upto 2000 containers / hr depending upon size and shape of bottles. The tightening torque can be adjusted to ensure leak-proof capping. A vibratory/ bowl feeder controls the infeed of caps on to the bottles. "No Bottle - No Cap "mechanism is provided. Bottle guides and parts coming in contact with the containers are made out of stainless steel.


This Types of machines can be used in Oil Industries, Paint Industries, Cosmetic Products, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticide Liquids, Food products, and all types of liquids.

Automatic Four Head Screw Capping Machine
Automatic Four Head Screw Capping Machine

This machine is fully automatic and is complete with vibrator type cap feeding hopper and built-in slat conveyor.
Specially designed to suit requirement of small and medium scale industries.
Synchronized movement of bottles and sealing machine enables perfect pilfer proof and leak proof sealing.
Sturdy fabrication ensures durability and long life.