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Pickle / High Viscous Filling Machines - Model VF - 1000


Fills all types of Pickles, Murraba, Curry Pastes, Chawanprsh and other High Viscous Liquids.

Pickle Filling Line
Semi Automatic Pickle Filling Machine
Pickle Filling Line
Semi Automatic Pickle Filling Machine


Volumetric Pneumatic-Piston Filling Technology
Capable of cutting any hard shell during filling.
Overhead hopper filling pump with level controller.
Special stirrer in the hopper.
Settling device removes air gaps from the filled bottle.
Online Oil topping Machine.
Fills from 100-1000 gms with Maximum Accuracy.
No change parts and very less maintenance.
PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ) controlled system.
nti-drip system helps in keeping the filling area clean. (Available as Standalone machine and    also a complete auto line with 1,2 and 4 Nozzles.)