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Vacuum Filling Line - Model VCF - 1000

This filling machine is best suited for Ketchups & all types of sauces. These machines also used to fill heavy sauces, In this machine Vacuum pump used as filler. during filling, diving nozzle seals the top of the bottle, sucks the inside the bottle and replaces the ketchup up to top leveLThis machine best suited for products contains sugar Like all types of sauces, ketchups, syrups, juices, crush etc

Vacuum Filling Line


Vacuum filling technology. (Air sucks from the bottle and replace the product)
Filling upto top of the bottle irrespect of bottle volume.
Volume adjustment is on HMI.
PLC controlled system.
Capable of hot filling upto 80 degrees
Filling Range 100 ml to 1 Ltr .without any change parts.
There is no wastage of product, access product goes to return tank.
Positive shut-off Nozzle helps in keeping the filling area clean.
Available as standalone Machine. And also as complete Auto-line with 2,4 & 6 Filling Heads.